stacie + shaun

Hello and konichiwa. I’m back from my Japan trip (the snow was totally awesome btw!) and I have been working madly since the moment I got home! Wow it’s been a long time since I logged on to this blogger thing but we definitely need some new photos around here.

This was a fun couple session at Garie Beach with Stacie and Shaun. These two are just so darn cute together. Seriously, there aren’t that many elements in these photos so if you think the photos are good, it’s ‘cos Stacie and Shaun made them look good!

Oh and while I may be categorising this post under “engagements”, I should make it clear that these two are not actually engaged (yet anyway!) They’ve been together a long time though so perhaps it is about that time hey? I dunno…just sayin’ ;-)

We were lucky to get overcast weather which makes the green moss on the rocks really pop out for a nice splash of colour =)

Okiedokie I’m off to do another e-sesssion. Enjoy the weekend everybody!