stylin new blog

Hooray! After picking up a CSS book last week and spending many many late nights coding up the new template for this blog, I have finally finished! Tada!

I had fun coding it but boy am I glad it’s all over. It has been totally consuming my life for the past few days. You may think meh it looks a little plain but I’m happy with what I’ve achieved considering I just picked up CSS and no I ain’t touching it for a while!

BTW this wasn’t done with the new blogger layout thing if you were wondering what’s the big deal with this simple layout. This was all hand coded and perhaps it wasn’t the smartest thing to do but hey I learnt new stuff =)

As plain and simple as it may be, it sure looks a lot better than what I had before! I’ll need to get random pics going for the header at some stage down the track and find out how to add a search but those can wait for a while. I need to get on with other more important things!

Please let me know if you find any bits of this blog buggy, I’d really appreciate it. If an issue is going to come up it’ll be in IE6 I bet you so if you’re using that, go on, convert to Firefox or Safari =)