the bucket

One of our friends gave birth last year and I was excited about doing a baby shoot so I went off hunting for props. I found this cute little bucket that says “Family” on it and without thinking too much, I purchased it. I took the bucket home and realised that it’s probably not safe for a baby, you know, being metal and everything and the shot would require the bub to errr “stand up” inside.  Don’t freak out, I never put a baby in there…well not til now.

Finally, I got to pull the bucket out and Baxter is just the baby to put in it. Here he is at 9 weeks old.

Doesn’t he look all adorable and tame in there? Well looks can be deceiving. He was in a bit of shock I think but after a few snaps, he tipped himself right out! Ahh yes, you’ll be seeing more of this face on my blog. Sorry, I can’t help it, he’s too adorable. Damn I’ve become one of those people obsessed with their dogs. I totally get it now, why people fuss over their fur ball ‘cos I have now fallen in love with my own.

Update on the gym/diet front. Hmm…sadly, as soon as I started out on my mission, I got really sick for a whole week and a half. Then Baxter came along and it’s been crazy around here. He’s like a real baby! Soooo I didn’t get to exercise (gosh I know it sounds like an excuse, does anyone need to see my doctor’s certificate?) apart from running around doing e-sessions. I have been doing my part on the diet side of things though and so far I’ve lost 1.7kg from just not eating too much crap and being mindful of what I eat and my portions.

Okiedokies…back to burning the midnight oil again. G’nite all!