the martin family

This shoot is a 30th birthday present for Kristy Martin from her lovely sister and bro in law, Nicole and Dan. 

Nicole approached me back in August to organise this family portrait session. I say Kristy is definitely in the lucky camp to have her sister come up with a thoughtful gift months in advance. I would know ‘cos I’m one of those bad sisters that only remembers a week in advance and occasionally just hand out cash as a present (not even a voucher) =p

I knew most of the session would be candid but I did want one “normal” happy family looking at the camera shot. It wasn’t easy to get as you know what kids are like, they never stop moving, even in the arms of their parents =)
As I was playing around with Josh when he told me that it was my turn to be in the tall grass, so I had a go at that just to amuse him. When I got home, I put some water on my arms ‘cos I was hot and my goodness they felt like they were on fire! That grass stuff really made my arms itchy. I checked with their uncle Dan and apparently they’re all fine =)
The location was close to my place so I went to scout around the area a couple of days earlier. I saw this soft looking grass and went straight to Ikea afterwards to get a little white chair. The photos are quite simple but it’s exactly what I had in mind.
This is a little strange, all the autumn leaves in the middle of spring. Don’t you love Josh’s expression, it’s like he’s given up and thought “ok fine, whatever, I’ll lie here if that’s what you want” hehehe.
Auntie Nicole might like this one, I hear Josh is her favourite and I can say that ‘cos Tahlie isn’t old enough to read this =p
But I hear Tahlie is uncle Dan’s fav so that evens it all out =)

One for mum & dad.

Happy 30th Kristy and thanks for bringing your family to spend a couple of hours with me.