thuy + hiep: engagement

My first couple of 2010. These two just headed down to Adelaide to get ready for their big day this Saturday!

This e-session is more urban which is a nice change to my usual grass and beach type stuff. Don’t worry though, there are definitely more beachy photos coming in future posts!

Let’s start with one of my fav from this e-session which is this sweet little moment =)

A wee bit of nature thrown in. Actually there’s a whole heap of these pretty purple weeds locked inside that fence you see behind. Yes, I tried looking for a way in but unfortunately it was secured pretty well!

I’m pretty sure Thuy was still wearing her black dress when we got in our cars. She took me by surprise when stepping out of it again in a totally different dress hehe. Suits the new location =)

Lastly…another fav from the set =)