thuy + hiep: adelaide wedding

It was a blistering hot day (41 degrees!) in Adelaide when Thuy and Hiep tied the knot at the Holy Rosary Catholic Church. Despite the very long and hot day involving two bridal preps and two tea ceremonies on top of your usual wedding and reception, Thuy couldn’t stop smiling from ear to ear the whole way through =) That’s not to say that Hiep wasn’t a happy man but going through my photos, I gotta say Thuy wins the smiling competition hands down! Here are some photos from their wedding day.

Yes, it’s a very looong veil!

I thought this photo was kinda sweet. Dad putting glasses on Mum as she had a little trouble seeing the bracelet =)

The little cousins made them this heart shaped hand printed artwork during lunch on their wedding day! How sweet =)

They weren’t going to dance but apparently caved due to peer pressure =)