tiffany + joshua

I know I sound like a broken record ‘cos I often start my blog by saying that I really loved being a part of the wedding that I’m blogging but it’s so true! Tiffany and Joshua don’t just make a gorgeous couple but they are such wonderful people to shoot for. While I love true emotions and pretty details of a wedding, it’s the delightful people that get me going throughout the day (and the editing days well after that!).  Tiffany and Joshua were married at St Thomas’ Anglican Church in North Sydney on a pretty wet day. They say that rain on your wedding day means good luck, well I gotta tell you, Tiffany and Joshua brought their own luck cos the rain stopped just for us to do location shoot outdoors and make it to reception at Dockside before it really started to pour down. I hope you’ll enjoy these images of the happy couple on their big day =)

Feliz Jueves! That’s Happy Thursday. I started learning Spanish =)

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