tjo + miyuki: engagement

I met Tjo at work  a few years ago now, back when I spent my days behind a computer…oh wait, I still do that =p Well I meant back when an Excel spreadsheet would’ve been on my screen instead of Photoshop. Photography was just a hobby then and I had never done a portrait session. Tjo asked me to take photos of him and his girlfriend (wife now but that’s for the next post) and so they became the subjects of my very first portrait session. After that shoot, I discovered new joy of photography and knew I definitely wanted to do more of that – capturing people and their loved ones. It was the kind of photography that really made me happy.

I’d like to think that it was after that shoot that we became good friends. That and the fact that we didn’t work together anymore hahaha =p. Needless to say I was so delighted when they asked me to do some wedding portraits for them in Japan (How many times did I just use the word “that”??? I repeat: I’m not a writer!!)

Their e-session was a really casual one and since these two met in the Gong, we decided we’d drive out there. Guess what I spotted? Long grass…of course. “What is it with you and weeds” I heard. BTW The lovely Miyuki is Japanese so you won’t be seeing any kissing shots around here =)

You’ll never ever ever ever guess where this was taken. Looks like Tasmania or something doesn’t it?? Go on, take 3 guesses right now.

I bet you got it wrong. It was at the University of Wollongong!

Water sure looks cool doesn’t it? Overcast day as well but let me tell you, it was INSANELY hot. 40 degrees I believe (this shoot was late last year, I just didnt get around to blogging it earlier).

My fav shot.

I’m certain I’ve improved since that very first portrait session but being a punk that Tjo is, he always says “that was nearly as good as the first time”. Punk! =p