tjo + miyuki: tokyo wedding

Earlier this year I had the privilege of attending the wedding of my good friends, Tjo & Miyuki, in Japan. It was a small gathering of just their immediate families but ‘cos I have pro camera gear, I got special invite to go too =) The three weeks holiday in Japan was an awesome bonus too. Those travel photos to come err…some day when and if I ever get around to it!

Everything took place at Happo-En which is a venue for weddings in Tokyo. It was a freezing cold day (in fact, it snowed that night and I’m told it doesn’t snow in Tokyo often…you know, concrete jungle and what not) and it was raining just after the ceremony and lunch which was a real shame as I would’ve liked to do some portraits for them in the Japanese garden. Yes, this wedding was in winter ‘cos Tjo wanted to snowboard! Talk about priorities…but hey I shouldn’t complain ‘cos the snow in Niseko really was quite amazing! =)

Here are some photos from their wedding and oh in case you’re wondering why there ain’t no photos of the actual ceremony, it’s ‘cos guests weren’t allowed to photograph that part. This “crazy cousin who really loves taking photos” actually got to sit and watch a ceremony for a change =)

The wedding kimono is very delicate and expensive. This lady you see with Miyuki here looks after her and the kimono wherever they go. Before any photos are taken, she will sets the kimono down and place the bride’s hand in the correct position etc.

I also found out later that as part of the tradition, the bride must always walk behind the groom so this is possibly me unknowingly breaking a rule…oops.

Before the ceremony begins, the bride and groom gets a run through of the procedures that will be taking place.

This is one of my favourite photograph. It’s the face Tjo, who isn’t Japanese, had on most of the time during this prep period. I just love this confused look and when I look at it, I can hear him say “the what now?” in my head =)

While the bride and groom were concentrating on the ceremony prep, the kids were just being kids…rolling around on the floor having fun =)

I think this is just cute =)

After the ceremony was over, we went outside for family photos. Miyuki revealed what’s under the white hat and everyone just went “oooouuuu”. She was wearing a beautiful and intricate wedding wig.

I couldn’t resist doing this post processing to one of their portraits for fun =) If you google for an old Japanese wedding photo, it would look something like this…except perhaps without the modern building in the back =p

Lunch time!

My oh my, the food was totally oishii!! That mini lobster sashimi was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! If only I knew how to say “Please sir, can I have some more?” in Japanese =)

That’s me =)

We tried to do some more shots after wards but unfortunately the dark, cold and rainy winter won the battle.

A couple of vintagey looking ones. I don’t do it often but the roses in Miyuki’s hair inspired me.

Tjo & Miyuki: Omedetou. I am so happy I was there to see you two get married =) Now hurry up and go make lots of akachan. Auntie Natt is waiting to do newborn photos hehe. P.S. Blame Google if any of those words don’t make sense.

Oyasuminasai (good night) everyone.