tragedy - we can help

I had a really good sleep thanks to the weather. The temperature cooled right down today and the sky is filled with thick clouds. Sounds gloomy but that depends where you are. Here where I live, surrounded by white buildings and greenery, the overcast weather only made this place look whiter, clean and peaceful. I love today’s weather.

Walking home from the gym, I breathed in and enjoyed the cool air. My eyes looked around comfortably at all this clean whiteness and then I thought about Victoria. Images of burnt cars and black ashes that was someone else’s home filled my mind. What a stark contrast.
I am saddened by the tragedy that has hit Victoria – the deadly fires that claimed so many lives and homes. I can’t imagine what the survivors are going through right now. I can’t imagine losing everything in a blink of an eye. I can’t imagine the magnitude of suffering those that died had to endure and those that live are pushing through. It’s devastating. It’s awful. It’s horrific. It’s senseless. It’s undeserved. Life isn’t fair is such a huge understatement.
If you are reading this, please help. We can lend a hand right here in front of our computers. Please visit the Red Cross website and make a donation to the Victorian Bushfire 2009 Appeal. It doesn’t matter how big or small your donation is, every little bit goes towards helping somebody.
I wish all those people will find hope and happiness again really soon.