twitter and a small request

Who isn’t on Facebook these days? I do think it’s a good way to keep in touch with people and while some update every bits and bobs available on there, adding all sorts of applications and playing games etc, the only frequent (and it ain’t all that frequent by most people’ standards) activity I’m engaged in is updating the status and reading others. One line can potentially give you an idea of the other person’s state of activity and/or mind.

So ‘cos I like the status thing, I thought I’d add it to my blog (see that little bird above) via twitter. It looks so simple, just a little welcome message and a box for my twitter updates but wouldn’t you know it? It doesn’t work properly on Internet Explorer.

IE is my pet hate. All the coding I’ve done for this blog and any changes I make to it always work perfectly for Firefox and Safari. The reverse is true for IE – never works the first time and there’s always extra tweaking to do. Right now, after adding the little twitter message box, my blog is stuffed on IE so if it looks that way to you it means I’m still trying to fix it.

That brings me to my tiny little request. If you are using IE, please consider moving to Firefox or Safari or Chrome. Seriously, they’re loads better than IE (and I’m not just biased for my own sake). Also please do drop me a mail/comment if you ever see anything that looks out of whack on this blog. Ta muchly.

P.S. There are two different Nattnee on Facebook. This is me.