veron + anthony

I heard their story during the ceremony and it sounded just like a romantic movie. Anthony was, very unfortunately, attacked at a beach late one night and with injuries so severe, he spent quite a long time in hospital. Veron was there for him during this most difficult time. She would visit him, care for him and kept him company and form his hospital bed, their love blossomed. I wonder if he had any idea at all, at the time, that this lovely girl would not only care for him during his time in hospital but she would always be there to take care of him for the rest of his life. Veron and Anthony were married at St Matthias Anglican Church and celebrated with a reception at Harbours Edge Event Centre. Here are some pics from their day:

I didn’t understand what Veron’s father said to her but those words made her cry.

It’s not often that I can get into this position at a ceremony but I do love being able to capture the procession in this manner just as the bride is approaching her groom.