warren + vera

Jenny Sun asked me to help her shoot what turned out to be the funnest wedding I’ve ever been to last weekend.

The day was filled with happiness and laughter. Vera, especially, is the bubbliest, smiliest, happiest and nicest girl! Seriously. I wonder if her cheeks got sore after the two days event =)

Look at that smile in the photo above. Warren is one lucky dude to have such a ball of sunshine to share his life with =)
These two really are so cute together.
Sure the bridal party look like they’re capable of just sitting still and looking pretty…
But not for long =)
Girly moments.
Warren and Vera.
Warren’s brother doing the penguin walk.
Boys just wanna have fun.
More of the love birds.
I quite like the cool tones of this one.
Jen set up the “photo booth” at the reception. It’s quite popular among the US photographers. I was in charge of taking all the shots and while it was hectic at times, I had a blast doing it and I’m pretty sure the guests had lots of fun too. No photos to show here unfortunately as I shot it all on Jen’s camera. Head over to her site to check out the fun photos though!
We all got to sit with the bridal party which was a huge surprise. It’s such a rarity and only goes to show how unbelievably nice the bride and groom are.
There was no dancing at this reception but there were games! 
Ding ding ding ding ding!
A great time was had by all.
Big congrats to Warren and Vera.
Gosh that was a long one. I know I need slideshow!!