ray + siv

“Dude, update your blog! It’s boring!” said my dearest sister the other day. Since I’m up and can’t sleep, I might as well do a quick post in the hope of un-boring-ise the thing (and it keeps me away from the fridge hehe). Tonight’s post features the wedding of Ray & Siv. These two were my e-session guinea pigs years ago (2nd test e-session ever in fact) and needless to say, I was so happy when they asked me to shoot their wedding!

The ceremony was held at Sydney Observatory, followed by some location shoot around the Rocks and Luna Park. The reception at Crystal Ballroom topped off their wonderful day =)

Left pic is the bride’s current profile pic on Facebook yey! =)

See those green topiaries? They’re from my balcony! There was no decoration in the tent so I offered them to green things up a little. Unfortunately, I’m not very skilled in the art of making plants round hmm.

A surprise was waiting for them down the aisle.

Did I mention that they met at a dragon boat club? =)

The theme is red & blue and the cute little cartoon Ray & Siv was hand drawn by one of their friends.

Beautiful decorations by Romeo’s Chair.

The bride admiring her awesome wedding cake. I will have to come back and update who this fabulous dragon boat cake is made by.

Until next time…good night or good morning I should say =)