yen + chris

Oh there’s just so many things to love about this wedding. High school sweethearts Yen and Chris are just so perfect for each other and their day was filled with many wonderful emotions and “awww” moments. I do hope I’m telling this correctly and please forgive me if I missed out on something but I remember having an “awww” moment when Yen mentioned that in high school, she hung a bell attached to a ribbon outside her window and when Chris finished work at night, he would come by and ring the bell and they would sit there and talk, her in her bedroom and him outside the house by the window. Too cute! =) Speeches also got me going “awww” as Chris pulled out a love letter he had written to Yen in high school and I was choked up when Yen talked about the two of them being together again in the next lifetime.

Apart from the abundant love flying around the day from the couple and their family and friends, I also love the other elements of this wedding. I LOVE Yen’s dress and her loosely arranged bouquet. I love that the bridesmaids dresses were the same but worn differently and the maid of honour was in a different colour. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that the reception was at Ivy. This place kicks ass and is by far my favourite reception venue to shoot in. It was a shame that we had such limited time to do location shoot but seriously, did I mention I LOVE the Ivy? I had also set up a crazy booth at this reception which was a lot of fun! Check out some crazy booth photos which I posted earlier.

Ok that’s enough gushing from me =)

Don’t forget to check out their crazy booth photos and here is a quick slideshow.

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