I’m a wedding photographer who is smitten with creating natural and romantic images that have a light and airy feel with beautiful soft colours and pastel tones.

I have such an affinity with photographing couples and weddings because I’m a romantic at heart and I believe that true love is hard to find. I love hearing stories about how two people met and fell in love and seeing the emotions and special connections they share in front of my camera. Being able to capture that and turning them into timeless images for these lucky people in love puts a big smile on my face =)

There are so many places that I enjoy shooting in but my heart lives in the sand and the sea, the long grass, the weeping willows and the wide open fields. I’m based in Sydney but love to travel for weddings at the beach, countryside or anywhere naturey.

On a personal note, I’m a mother to the cutest fur ball in the universe. My little Westie is named Baxter and he loves getting his photographs taken, well, he loves anything that involves an edible bribery! If you have a beloved dog that you’d like to be a part of your engagement shoot or wedding, you’re preaching to the choir! I’m excited already, let’s do it!

Some fun facts: I adore ranunculuses, peonies and tulips. Seafoam green, mint green and turquoise hues are my favourite colours. I have a sweet tooth and I love strawberry watermelon cake and green tea Häagen-Dazs (which isn’t available here sadly). My favourite romance film is the Lakehouse. I love to travel and while I can’t say this definitively, only because I haven’t been everywhere, I think Bora Bora is literally paradise.

Please say hello if you’re lucky to be in love with your best friend. I’d love to meet you =)