Behind the LENS

I’m inspired by the chemistry and the connection that a couple in love solely share. I’m moved by the bond of family and the joy of friendship. I’m excited by the beauty of people, places, and the little things that make the celebration of love so special.

My passion is in crafting soulful wedding stories through imagery that’s fresh, natural, joyful, and honest. When I photograph, my eyes seek soft light, pretty colours, and refined compositions; my heart searches for expressions of love, tears and laughters, feelings, and fleeting moments.

My biggest wish is to bring people happiness through my work. I want your photos to warm your heart and make you smile (or cry!) as you relive treasured memories shared with loved ones. I strive to capture everything exquisitely, so that you’ll not only love your photos, but you can also be proud of them, just like I would be.

It’s always such an honour to be welcomed into the lives of others and trusted to document this important milestone. I’m so excited to help you create your one-of-a-kind love story too. But, before we begin this journey together, we should probably get a little friendly first. MORE BELOW . . .


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Hello, I’m NATTNEE

I’m a wedding photographer based in Sydney, Australia. I get to spend my days creating beautiful photographs out of what matters to us all the most – LOVE; a cause which I believe is worth pouring my heart and soul into.

In 2008, Beyoncè told people all over the world to “put a ring on it”. A message I was only too happy to hear because, coincidentally, that was the year I became a wedding photographer.

Before that, I was an IT girl working in the investment banking world; an experience that I learnt a lot from and was very grateful for. After seven years, however, I was yearning to do something more creative. I dabbled in graphic design, thinking it could bridge the gap between the corporate life and the creative dream. But, it didn’t quite spark joy.

What I actually loved doing already was, of course, photography. I especially loved documenting my travels; capturing sceneries and architectures, people and cultures, delicious food I was having, and my daily activities. I just never thought it could become a career; the idea of going into the unknown and starting your own business was scary. But, I took the leap of faith and pursued my dream anyway. We only live once, right?

I started out developing my skills in portraiture and was absolutely smitten after my first session photographing a friend’s daughter. I was thrilled to see her cheeky personality shine through in my photos, and immediately realised the value of freezing moments in time.

Once I began photographing weddings, I knew I had found my passion. It was inspiring to be part of a beautiful day where people come together with the purest intention of just sharing love. Weddings gave me the perfect opportunity to use my creativity and love of photography to capture the essence of people, who they are and how they love, and to document a chapter in their life with all of its meaningful moments. I loved that I was creating something important for people to love and cherish forever.

I’m so glad I followed my heart and made that leap. I get to live the creative life that I’m passionate about and can take pride in; I get to bring people joy through my work; and I even like the boss hehe!


  • My Westie, Baxter, is my furry soulmate, my love and my little shadow. Puppy dog eyes, cute smile, and chubby bum; he’s always by my side through good times and bad times.
  • Travel is food for my soul. Some of the most amazing experiences I’ve had are real-life Mario karting in Tokyo, exploring Macchu Picchu, and snorkeling with rays in Bora Bora. My favourite place is Japan; I love it so much, I want to move there!
  • My partner and I met online. He said hello with a cheesy photography pun! I couldn’t help but laugh and well, I guess that worked!
  • I have a sweet tooth and love desserts. Hand me a strawberry watermelon cake or jiggly soufflé pancakes and we’ll be fast friends.
  • Integrity is a human quality that I hold in the highest regard. It’s something my mum has always instilled in me.
  • Nightowl is my superhero name. I like working late in the quiet of night and super early mornings are my kryptonite.
  • I can’t dance and I’m not sporty, but I enjoy Muay Thai training (not fighting!) and I love snowboarding even though I’m not good at it.
  • I collect Lego buildings & anime Pop! Vinyls.
When I’m not behind the lens, I love doing life with my “that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life” ?, Hugo. You'll find us traveling the world, cozying up on the couch watching anime, or cooking up something deliciously calorific (we swear to go on a diet every week!). I'm a pawrent to two adorable furkids that I love to bits - the cutest clever canine, Baxter (he can skateboard!) and the affectionate rescue kitty, Ichigo. Snuggling with these two or just watching them play with each other always fill my heart with joy.


I’d love to get to know all about you.
What are you like as a couple? Plans for your wedding day?
Dream honeymoon destination? Dogs or cats?

Share your story with me and
let’s create beautiful memories together!